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Businesses We Serve

​​Hot Water and HVAC Solutions for Business and Public Facilities

Big or small, basic or complex, single or multiple locations, corporate or franchisee, we’ll solve all your hot water and HVAC needs. ​

Reliance Commercial Solutions™ provides custom hot water and HVAC solutions to businesses across a wide variety of industries: H​ospitality, educational, food service, public service, multi-unit residential complexes, retail, nail and hair salons, bed and breakfast, and more. 

We offer a broad selection of high efficiency products to meet every hot water and HVAC requirement: Tankless water heaters, gas and electric booster heaters, domestic heating boilers, boilers and storage tank combinations, conventional natural gas water heaters, electric water heaters. 

Renting from Reliance Commercial Solutions minimizes business interruption, reduces operating costs, and eliminates risk.

​​You’ll save on operating costs, taxes – and capital outlay.

  • There’s no capital outlay required – so you can invest your limited capital in more strategic business opportunities with higher returns
  • Our high-efficiency solutions can reduce your operating costs
  • You’ll receive significant tax savings compared to ownership, which improves profitability
  • Predictable monthly rates to help you better manage your cash flow – there are no surprises

Worry about one less thing; we’ll take care of everything.

  • Priority service is available live 24/7/365 for equipment breakdowns
  • All parts and labour associated with repairs on rental equipment are covered, so there are no hidden costs
  • Our rental equipment is backed by our comprehensive service guarantee, which means all repairs are fixed right the first time – minimizing or eliminating business disruption
  • We have over 50 years of proven experience in delivering reliable, superior service – we know what we’re doing
  • Our expert and experienced Service Team of 310 Technicians and over 200 affiliated partners is equipped and ready provide quick, priority response to your service requirements

You’ll get customized solutions for your business, every time.

  • We offer a disciplined approach to understanding your needs and building and maintaining an individual solution that’s right for your business
  • Our dedicated Account Management Team has the experience and knowledge to customize a solution designed to meet your current and future needs
  • We provide a comprehensive suite of energy efficient hot water and HVAC products that are right for you
  • One phone number gives you instant assistance for all repair, service and upgrade requirements

We provide comprehensive service and guarantees in the industry.

  • 24/7/365 priority service
  • Parts, service and labour included with no hidden costs
  • Fixed right the first time by our courteous expert technicians

Why choose Reliance™ for all your business heating and cooling needs:

● NO upfront equipment costs
● NO equipment repair costs
● 4-HOUR service guarantee 
● 24/7/365 service capabilities
● Customizable solutions
● Preventative maintenance included