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About Reliance

​​Reliance is one of the most credible and trusted names in the water heating and HVAC business.

HVAC Products

Reliance Commercial Solutions™ is one of the largest providers of hot water and HVAC solutions for businesses in Ontario, offering a comprehensive product line for Canadian homes and businesses – from heating, cooling and air quality to security and equipment service protection plans.

Combining unmatched experience with over 50 years of superior service, expert advice and unbeatable value, we pride ourselves on helping businesses keep their doors open to customers during peak times for revenue.

What does that mean for our business customers? Most importantly, Reliance takes on the financial, service and asset risk of owning essential business products. And, in doing so, makes them affordable, while providing peace of mind for all our customers.

We understand your hot water and HVAC needs better than anyone else in the business and are committed to providing you with:

  • Dedicated Commercial Sales Team
  • Guaranteed service for life
  • 100% coverage on all parts and labour
  • Customized Solutions tailored to your business

All with one goal – keeping your doors open to customers during peak times for revenue.

Water Heater

​​Our strength is in the rental water heating business. 

With over 1.6 million customers, Reliance is a leading provider of rental water heating solutions in Canada. Today, our core markets are Southern Ontario and Ottawa, with new locations in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Heating and Cooling Protection Plan

​​Reliance Commercial Solutions is more than just rental water heaters: 

Reliance offers more than just rental water heaters solutions for businesses like yours. Today we offer rental HVAC and water heater protection plans to help you avoid high repair costs and improve profitability.


​​There’s savings in reduced energy use.

Water heating and HVAC equipment consumes a significant amount of your overall energy and operating costs. It’s important that your business is fitted with the right-sized equipment and the most energy efficient equipment.

Reliance Commercial Solutions designs, implements, and manages hot water and HVAC solutions that ensure you’re operating as efficiently as possible.

Energy has steadily become a larger component of our cost of living and energy costs have risen faster than many other items measured by the Consumer Price Index. From 1994 to 2008, for example, the price of food increased 22%, while the price of energy rose 47%.

High efficiency solutions make financial sense given the increasing costs of energy and the effectiveness of new heating and cooling and water heating alternatives (i.e. tankless water heaters and multi-stage boilers). High efficiency operating savings plus utility rebates alone justify conversion to a rental program.

no unexpected costs

​​No unexpected costs. No surprises. 

Predictability of capital spending is important to every business. Reliance Commercial Solutions eliminates unpredictability associated with equipment breakdown by providing coverage on all repairs and service for one low and predictable monthly rate.

  • There are never any unexpected maintenance, service and equipment costs – and no surprises
  • We offer free replacement at end of useful life. We’ll even dispose of the old equipment
  • If your hot water or HVAC needs change we can easily provide new higher efficiency options
  • Easy monthly payment options

Why choose Reliance™ for all your business heating and cooling needs:

● NO upfront equipment costs
● NO equipment repair costs
● 4-HOUR service guarantee 
● 24/7/365 service capabilities
● Customizable solutions
● Preventative maintenance included